Superbly finished, with glossy UltraGlass and stainless steel couplers to enhance the appearance and strength of the antenna, LongReach antennas are designed for customers who demand the best.

Some HF/SSB Installation guidelines:

HF/SSB antennas require a high standard of installation to work correctly. The antenna is connected to an antenna tuner through a high voltage insulator and it is extremely important that the antenna location and grounding system are correctly chosen so that the system will radiate effectively.

The longest possible antenna should be chosen for each installation.

The antenna should be installed in a position free from obstruction, and as far away as possible from other upright objects such as masts.

The ground system is a key part of the overall antenna system. A poor ground system is the most common reason for poor HF performance. Consult an experienced HF radio installer if you have any doubts about the ground system on your vessel.

HF/SSB 4.9m two-section antenna.


Frequency HF/SSB 2-30MHz
Radome Ultraglass
Ferrule Stainless Steel
Antenna Type Whip
"Marine Gain" 6dB
Power Rating 1kw PEP
Height 4.9m